BE THERE – a pro-active boutique investment house, focused on linking growing companies with investors and funds looking to find the best investment opportunities on CEE markets.

We successfully bring together the power of capital and the projects of talented and entrepreneurial people. This way we change the world around us and help our clients achieve their dreams.


Each company or project is meticulously assessed. During this process we bring to bear our experience in law and taxation, our practical experience of managing large enterprises and SMEs, our skill in risk assessment and business scaling, as well as practical sectoral knowledge. Most importantly of all, we estimate the realistic perspective for investment returns for the investor and owners.


We analyse the most important elements of each project and the real benefits for investors and owners:

For the investor:

  • We select investment proposals tailored to the investor’s profile and specific goal. We work for private investors (HNWI) with a minimum budget of PLN 5 million available per project.
  • In the next stage, we supervise the activities of the enterprise from positions on the Supervisory Board, the Management Board, or as Interim Management. We propose the creation of expert advisory structures for companies (Expert Advisory Board) and we also support the process of building the market for exit.
  • We help in the process of exiting the investment and we continually monitor the interests of the owners.


For the company:

  • We search for an investor who will not only inject capital but also, as a good partner, will help the company achieve its desired growth in scale.
  • After detailed analysis of the project we create a dedicated team of business practitioners who will verify the proposed investment and prepare the company for the process of securing capital or for sale.

We help to build business relations in order to secure new markets for companies around the world.


We focus on sectors of the future and continually monitor the changing trends.

When looking for acquisition opportunities, we always put our investors’ preferences first.

We also look for established businesses with good development prospects to add to our clients’ existing portfolios. Our main projects include:


  • POTENTIAL UNICORNS: i.e. projects in new technologies, artificial intelligence and e-commerce, as well as technological tools and renewable energy products. Poland is currently perfectly placed for these types of investments and our task is to discover the real pearls on the market.
  • BUSINESSES IN A STABLE POSITION: i.e. companies and projects in the Polish real estate sector (due to their significantly higher ROI compared to  Western European markets). This includes enterprises with an established position and a stable growth trajectory.




Our track record of success and the lessons we have learnt along the way are testament to our effectiveness.

Meet our experts

Our experience is our best calling card

Co-founder of BE THERE, Managing Partner of Panasiuk & Partners

She has been conducting corporate governance of Clients’ assets for 20 years. She combines financial, legal and business competencies, as well as leading negotiation processes. She represents private investors in the implementation of corporate governance. She has many years’ experience in managing teams of experts and in running long-term projects. She gained her experience with international teams when working for production manufacturing companies in Great Britain, the Middle East and Central Europe.

Anna Maria is also an experienced adviser in intergenerational succession planning. She also advises where there is no family successor. She is Curator of private foundations, an executor of wills, and a trustee.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdańsk; Executive Studies in Finance, Warsaw School of Economics; the School of American Law, Jagiellonian University under the patronage of The Catholic University of America, Washington DC. A doctor of law specialising in international tax law from the perspective of private estates.

In her free time, she is a patron of the arts and founder of the Artis Causae Foundation which supports artistic education for schoolchildren.

Managing Director, co-founder of BE THERE

She has 20 years’ experience in strategic management of corporate development, brands and products. She specializes in strategic assessment of companies seeking recapitalisation, in particular from the new technologies, media, e-commerce, luxury goods, retail, fashion and the broadly-understood marcomms sectors.

Between 2015-2018, Vice-CEO and shareholder of RISK Made in Warsaw. Previously she was a member of the senior management team and Marketing and Product Director of coffeeheaven and co-author of the brand’s success on the Polish market. She has also managed the marketing and PR for NorthFish, Costa Coffee, Timex Polska, and ‘ProMarka’, the Association of Branded Product Manufacturers

A graduate of the Higher School of Management, The Polish Open University, Public Relations Studies at Warsaw University, the Business Management Programme at ICAN (Canadian International Management Institute) and Harvard Business Review.

President of the Artis Causae Foundation.


A graduate of Warsaw School of Economics (SGPiS). For many years he managed B2B manufacturing companies in Poland and abroad (China, Czech Republic, Germany, Nigeria, Russia), thanks to which he has extensive experience in working with international and multicultural teams. He has led and advised on a number of acquisitions by both strategic investors and Private Equity funds and has supervised the integration processes of the merged companies.

Experienced in the creation and effective implementation of restructuring and growth strategies for companies, both on domestic and international markets.

He speaks Polish, English and Russian.


Adam specializes in advising founders and companies to define and achieve their fund-raising objectives. To date, he has raised over 100m USD for firms across Central and Eastern Europe, predominately in the tech sector.

After gathering expertise at PwC, T3 Capital, Google, and Insight Venture Partners, he translated his experience into co-founding two burgeoning start-ups in Poland.

Adam graduated from NYU Stern School of Business with a BSc in Finance and MSc in Accounting and  subsequently earned a MSc in International Finance from HEC Paris with a concentration in Financial Engineering. Additionally, he is a CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) and CFA charterholder.

PARTNER, EGYPT – Middle East & North Africa region

Managing Director and owner of MedCare Pharma, the exclusive representative of well-known cosmetic and dietary supplement brands on the Egyptian market and across the Middle East and North African region. He has 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing for international pharmaceutical companies.

He has experience in various roles involved with sales process and distribution network management both domestically and around the Suez Canal region.

He has participated in community projects organized by the Egyptian charitable organization, the Resala Association, which supports the poor across the country and which also runs projects designed to raise awareness of endemic diseases.

Graduate of Cairo university with a Masters in surgery and clinical pathology. From 1996-2003 he completed with distinction a training course organized by Merck Sharp and Dohme.

From 2005-2013 he earned an award with distinction in line management, personnel development and team building from AstraZeneca.


Lawyer in love with yachts and Monaco, who shares her love through a blog about yacht law called Hercberg Yacht Law and about Monaco called MCHercberg.

She advises individual clients on international property planning, as well as on matters related to the change of place of residence or citizenship. She also advises on the restructuring of private and business assets and the management of luxury goods.

In addition, she specializes in issues related to legal services for domestic and international structures used in projects related to tax planning or capital restructuring. She also has experience in advising entities from the energy sector as well as retail and e-commerce.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and the Center for French and European Law at the University of Warsaw. In 2020, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Legal and tax qualification of greenhouse gas emission permits on the example of regulations in French and Polish law” at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

In 2020, she was also entered on the list of legal advisers of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.


Andrzej gained his experience through numerous projects involving foreign investors and large Polish companies in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and the sale and purchase of businesses. He also has experience in company restructuring and reorganisation processes of companies, including mergers (cross-border and domestic), spin-offs, company transformations, and liquidations, as well as in the field of ongoing company servicing, company governance meetings and analysis of different aspects of company operations.

His interests and experience also cover succession planning within family firms and the legal and taxation issues around securing a business during generational change.

As a restructuring adviser he is an expert in restructuring procedures for companies in administration and also in liquidation procedures.

Graduate of the Department of Law and Administration, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań; post-graduate studies in restructuring law at Lazarski University, Warsaw. He completed his legal adviser’s training at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznań.


Originator and co-creator of the largest industrial robotics laboratory in Eastern Europe. Co-author of research papers for the military and industry.

He supports companies in implementing new technologies in industry. He is the author of many inventions using robotics and vision systems. He deals with issues related to production robotization, modelling and design of robotics systems and issues concerning vision systems, building automation systems, and Machine Learning.

A graduate of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Doctor of technical sciences, specializing in mechanics. MBA graduate from Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw and a lecturer at the Faculty of Mechatronics and Aviation of WAT (Military University of Technology)


CEO of Teamster Advisory Group. Business trainer, Management Board consultant, product and brand manager. An expert in internationalisation in European organisations. A specialist in internationalisation, development management, business strategy, sales division building and restructuring, as well as new product launches on Polish and foreign markets. His work and projects are based on H2H strategy. He studied Mediteranean Studies at the Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.


Management Board representative of Teamster Advisory Group. A graduate of FIZ in Warsaw EMBA, CEGOS in Paris. EMBA, Coach and Mentor for Management Boards in Poland and abroad, a TOC (Theory of Change) consultant, expert of the Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP), The Councils of Polish and European Think Tanks and international organisations. He specialises in company/team management, change, business negotiations, sales techniques, the launch and management of startups, company development, business strengthening and new global trends.